Loan Market Group backs brokers with super-platform.

Loan Market Group has made a milestone decision in the operation of Australasia’s largest broker group, choosing to expand industry-leading MyCRM with features from Podium for a ‘super platform’ supporting broker businesses across all its aggregators, and offering certainty to its 7,000-strong broker network across Australia and New Zealand. 

Loan Market Group's Executive Chairman, Sam White said the decision meant more brokers would be armed with great technology enabling them to compete against disruptors, ensuring broker share keeps growing, and brokers remain the first choice for customers. 

"We believe in a world where brokers are empowered by seamless tech that makes it easier for them to achieve the best outcome for their customers using their unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience,” Mr White said. 

"Good brokers powered by seamless tech won't be beaten by call centres and automated tech that delivers faceless, nameless advice. We believe clients want to talk to their broker, not a call centre.” 

Loan Market Group’s ongoing investment in building out award-winning MyCRM, bolstered by the strongest features in Podium, will deliver the exact needs of the modern broker. 

Mr White said: “Today, we recognise there is no integrated platform that offers brokers both the best client and broker user experience with deep business insights. This puts Loan Market Group in a position to deliver brokers the best of both platforms combining the market-leading paperless, BID-proof broker and client experience from MyCRM with the best of business reporting and workflows from Podium”. 

According to Mr White, MyCRM is 100% owned by Loan Market Group meaning its network is not beholden to changing costs by third-party technologies - giving brokers certainty and greater control over the customer experience. 

Mr White said identifying a single CRM solution for the various brokers was part of the Group’s 100-day transition plan. The decision follows a Group-wide survey, platform demonstrations and one-on-one consultations.

"Getting our single, common platform right was one of our immediate priorities and I want to thank brokers across the entire Group for speaking up and helping to make this decision,” said Mr White.

A dedicated team of up to 30 tech and migration specialists will work to assist brokers from the former NAB-owned businesses to make the transition to MyCRM in a phased and consultative process over 2021 - 2022. The Group believes the first brokers will start transitioning as early as August. The transition team members have specialisations in data migration, business process engineering, training to help minimise disruption.

The transition team will join the nearly 100-strong tech specialists, who will be tasked with building on MyCRMs foundation, combining the best features of Podium to answer the exact needs of modern brokers and business owners including taking advantage of the opportunities with open banking.

“Change is never easy for busy brokers. PLAN Australia, Choice and FAST businesses will migrate when they’re ready and are confident the MyCRM platform meets their specific business needs. And most importantly, to keep it easy, brokers don’t need to change aggregators to use MyCRM”. 

“We make it a priority to deliver value to brokers and are committed to being the number 1 technology provider in the industry. 

MyCRM has won a suite of industry accolades, including:

  • 2019 and 2020 Technology Platform of the Year at the Australian Broking Awards
  • Voted #1 for Software by brokers in Momentum Media’s 2019 and 2020 Aggregator of Choice survey
  • And, being named a finalist in the inaugural Australia Digital Technology Awards to be held in May.

“The decision announced today will offer certainty and clarity to our business owners and network members, as it does our technology teams, enabling us to start the process of creating the next evolution of MyCRM - a future we are excited to deliver,” Mr White said.